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Fees are to be paid prior to the start of the training and/or at the start of the month for the service provided by the “Bayou Wing Chun Club”.


* Download our waiver form here. All students must read, complete and sign the waiver form before attending class.


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Annual Fees


$60 a year (Social membership of the Caulfield Bowling Club) – Form provided. Renewable End of April . **Not necessary for Blackburn North venue or for Private Lessons.


$20 per year (Renewable early July)

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Pay as you Go: $25



4 Classes in a month: ( Valid for that period only)

Per Month: $75

3 months:  $213.75 (-5%)

Annual (11 months training  – 10% off):  $742.5


8 Classes in a month: ( Valid for that period only)


Per Month:  $120

3 months:  $324     (-10%)

Annual (11 months training  – 15% off):   $1122


 Unlimited:   ( Access to all venues and  Valid for that period only )

 Per Month:   $150

3 months:  $382.5 (-15%)

Annual (11 months training  – 20% off ):   $1320



Private Classes

50$ per hour per person

80$ per hour for groups of no more than 4 people



Bayou Wing Chun Store

For orders in Melbourne, delivery is included or can be collected at the start of class times at either Blackburn or Caulfield location. For orders outside of Melbourne, it will incur a delivery charge and may vary depending on item. Items will be delivered via Australia Post.


Dit Da Jow
Dit Da Jow is a popular Chinese liniment sold to heal external damage such as bruises or sore muscles. This is our own unique blend made to stimulate circulation, reduce pain and swelling, and improve healing of injuries. It also helps in the strengthening of bones.


Note: Injuries resulting from improper iron palm training is the sole responsibility of the practitioner. DIT DA JOW IS FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.


Bayou Wing Chun Dit Da Jow has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration but it is an ancient traditional formulae that is composed by legal herbs, bought in Australia through a Chinese approved herbalist. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Should not be used if taking medication. Not for use while Pregnant or breast feeding. Keep out of reach of children. Not to be used on open wounds.


You Are Legally Bound By the Agreement To Consult a Doctor Before Use And To Hold Bayou Wing Chun free from any and all liability.


  • One bottle, 100ml: $15
  • Herb bag to mix with 3.75L of rice wine (Rice wine not supplied)and preparation and user manual: $200
  • Herb bag and 4L Glass container to mix with 3.75L of rice wine (Rice wine not supplied) and preparation and user manual : $225


Note: If outside Melbourne select first two options only. Delivery charge applies.


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School T-shirt (Sizes from Small to XXL, Colours: Black, Grey or White): $30


Buy T-shirts



Hoodie (Sizes from Small to XL, Colours: Black, Grey or White): $65


Buy Hoodie


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Free standing – Wooden Dummies
Hard  wood wooden Dummies  made of African Merbau  at a bargain price of $950.

Contact us for more details or enquire on any of the above items.


















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