Bayou Wing Chun | Our Grading System
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Grading System:


Traditionally coloured belt and sashes were not present in martial art schools. They are a representation of the blood ,sweat and struggle that the practitioner goes through to attain his or hers skill. In the Bayou Wing Chun Club, grades of students are represented by the colour of their T-shirts there are only 3 levels; Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Black for beginners, Grey for intermediate and white for advanced. The sash is used in the advanced levels to support the training of the practitioners and to contain their dantian energy in place, i.e. not allowing it to sink.


True Meaning of the Grade of a practitioner and the mastery of his art:

It is true that the knowledge acquired, physical and technical ability are important ingredients in the success of a practitioner and that it highlights his or hers understanding of the physical aspect of the art; but truly it is only a very small aspect that is encapsulated within the Moral code of Martial art and its value or virtue (such as patience, diligence, loyalty to the art, ect…). Without it the practitioner maybe highly graded (Black belts and gold sashes…etc) but will be considered as no different than a trained person without a code in the context of the true meaning of martial arts. From my understanding, unless the practitioner tames the enemy within and learn and understand about his true self,  his or her development will stay limited and a tragedy, in contrast with limitless and real success (not based on status). In my humble opinion this was the real goal of all martial arts, to attain a level of self knowledge and discovery, ultimately bringing with it, inner peace, and thereafter projecting it outwardly to benefit humanity.  That is certainly an ultimate challenge for  us all.

“Those who conquer themselves are the true victors” The Buddha.


Moral Code in Martial arts :

  • 友谊 – Friendship:                             The most beautiful of human relationship.


  •  勇气 – Courage:                                 It is doing what is right.


  •  诚意 Sincerity:                               It is expressing oneself truthfully.


  •  荣誉 – Honor:                                     To be true to your word.


  •  谦逊 – Humility:                               It is describing oneself without pride.


  • 尊重 – Respect:                                 Without respect no trust can be born.


  • 自我控制 – Self Control:                  It is taming the enemy within.


  •  礼貌 – politeness:                             It is respecting others and therefore yourself.


  • 善待他人 – Being Kind to others: Spiritually , it is being kind to yourself and therefore not expecting anything in exchange.