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Hi, I am a martial arts enthusiast, practitioner and teacher who received his teacher’s blessing to teach and instruct the Art of Wing Chun and its philosophy. Martial art helps me achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance. I am a professional engineer who really appreciate the cleverness, and science of this beautiful art. Its philosophy can, not only apply to Self defense, but to life, emotional and spiritual management.

What is your background in the martial art world?

I started martial arts at the age of 8. Judo was my first discipline. It taught me balance, how to fall and how to stay on my feet (very useful too). My Judo Sunsei passed away years back…( May he rest in peace)… He was a 4th Dan at the time ( Sunsei Ahmed kisrane – SONATIBA Club in Algiers).

Three years later in the same Club, Shotokan Karate was introduced. I studied it with passion for 8 years under a current 8th Dan Algerian Sunsei Abdelkader Adjal. Shotokan reinforced my stance and punching power. I moved then to the UK where I carried out my training by myself until I stumbled across a Wing Chun school that turned out to be the best school I ever came across ” The Simon Lau Centre”. I Never looked back since. I feel that my teacher is an inspiration, not only a guide in this beautiful martial art but also a spiritual one. I hope to reach in the near future a very high standard to honor my past teachers.

If you want to find out about Wing Chun and its Philosophy come to our venue and check us out!

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