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Wooden Dummy form

Taught privately to those that have completed the previous 3 sections and therefore completing the 108 movements form, covering sections 4 to 6 of the wooden dummy form.

The Muk Yan Jong: literally “wooden man post” is a wooden dummy used in Chinese martial arts training. It is associated with the martial art of Wing Chun and other Kung Fu styles of Southern China.

The muk yan jong has three arms and one leg, which represents an opponent’s body in various positions. The wooden slats on which the muk yan jong is traditionally mounted have a springiness that is similar to a human opponent’s involuntary reaction and allows the user to practice absorbing energy into his stance.

Practicing with the wooden dummy should involve the use of the whole body. All of the principles in the three Wing Chun forms should be evident in the wooden dummy practice.

6. Weapons training

There to enhance further and maintain the practitioner skill (Kung Fu).
Used as an extension of the acquired structure of the Wing Chun practitioner.